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  ABOUT ACT-CO Membership:  


Membership in ACT-CO is open to any community theatre group within Central Ontario (see map for ACT-CO boundaries). Only Member Groups may enter the ACT-CO Festival. Refer to Constitution Article III Membership

  Definition: (as approved by the ACT-CO Board of Directors in 2005)

To be eligible for ACT-CO Group membership, a group must be a community theatre organization that meets all of the following criteria:
  1. is a not-for-profit corporation in Ontario with letters-patent.
  2. has a volunteer, elected Board of Directors that are not staff of the organization.
  3. has a membership which is open to the public.
  4. has artistic or production staff that are not paid.
  5. has actors who are amateur, or if professional, engaged under an appropriate contract.

The spirit of the above definition embodies the ideas that a community theatre group
  • is fully owned and operated by it members
  • membership in the group is open to the public
  • membership in the group is established by payment of a fee
  • governance of the group is democratic, meaning that members in good standing are elegible to vote at General Meetings and to be elected to the Board of Directors

ACT-CO reserves the right to request documentation to support the group's request for membership.

ACT-CO welcomes your questions and comments regarding the above.
Please direct any questions to ACT-CO Membership Chair, Ryk Simpson:



ACT-CO is an association run by an annually-elected, volunteer, Board of Directors comprised of individuals who are members in good standing of a member Group.

Individuals who are members in good standing of a member Group are de facto "affiliate members" of the Association and thereby are entitled to participate in and have a say in ACT-CO affairs, and to be elected to the ACT-CO Board. Each member Group may designate up to five of their members to vote at ACT-CO General Meetings.

IT IS EXPECTED THAT ALL MEMBER GROUPS WILL PARTICIPATE FULLY IN THE ACTIVITIES OF ACT-CO, INCLUDING HAVING ONE OR MORE OF ITS MEMBERS ON THE ACT-CO BOARD FROM TIME-TO-TIME. (A rule of thumb: your Group should be represented at least one year (two would be better) in any five-year period.)

As busy theatre artists in your home Group you may claim that you have no time for ACT-CO. If your Group believes that there are benefits in ACT-CO membership, someone in your Group has to find the time to serve on the ACT-CO Board, else there will be no ACT-CO.  All who are on the ACT-CO Board now, and all who have been on the Board in the past, have given up a lot of the time they would normally devote to their home Group, or to their other personal interests, in order to run the Association for the benefit all Groups, and community theatre in general.

It is worth noting that over the years it is a given that ACT-CO Board members are also the people who are most active in their home Groups (usually on the Board of that Group). Now (2019), because of many stresses in life and community theatre, fewer and fewer are willing to do the heavy lifting for their home Group and the heavy lifting for the benefit of everyone.  MEMBERS OF ACT-CO ARE URGED TO SEEK OUT INDIVIDUALS IN THEIR GROUP WHO CAN SERVE ON THE ACT-CO BOARD IN AN ACTIVE WAY.

Anyone interested in serving on the ACT-CO Board should contact ACT-CO President, Linda Lyons:


  GROUP Membership Fees:  
The Membership year (season) is from September 01 to August 31.
Early Renewal   $75 (If payment received on or before Jul 31)
Regular Renewal   $100 (If payment received after July 31)
New Group   $100
Half-Year   $40 (After January 01)
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