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Angela Stewart or Neil Marr
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Markham Little Theatre Backstage, 9350 Markham Road, Markham District Heritage Museum (N-W cnr 16th Ave & Markham Rd), Markham
Mon, Feb 06, 2023 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Wed, Feb 08, 2023 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Sun, Feb 12, 2023 | 01:00pm - 12:00am


Neil Marr and Angela Stewart
Music Director

(Three male, three female). 

Note: Ages are approximate.

Be prepared to audition using an English accent.  Also, please be aware that this is quite a physical play.

David Woods – Accountant (40 – 45)

David is seemingly mild-mannered and lives in the shadow of his famous wife. He is traditional and has upper class sensibilities, regardless of whether or not he was born into that class.

He would like to make his fortune by publishing a kiss and tell novel about his wife (Sarah) and he believes it will sell successfully if she is murdered.

He is determined and scheming, but gets agitated and frantic when everything starts to unravel.


Sarah Seeton – Actress (attractive, in 30s)

Sarah enjoys fame and is the nation’s favourite actress, playing a nurse on a soap opera. She is well aware of her fame and is larger than life.

She drinks a lot, is not a good actress, is self-centred, flirtatious and self-confident. She is a good times girl, condescending and dismissive to others and loves to be flattered. She is Robert’s lover.


Mrs. Beck – Caretaker (in 50s)

Mrs. Beck is nosy and interfering with kleptomaniac tendencies. She regularly overstays her welcome in the flat. She is not a conscientious worker and is plagued by a bad back.


Robert Woods – Actor; David’s brother (30s)

Robert is sleazy and wears a toupee. He is vain, works out and therefore in good physical shape.

He is an actor in the soap opera with Sarah and they are lovers.


Hannah Van Lee (20s)

Hannah is a South African diamond thief, who is easily blackmailed into being David’s accomplice in the murder scheme.


Inspector Root (50 – 60, close to retirement)

Inspector Root is sly and sometimes funny. He is sloppy but smart and credible. Think an English version of Peter Falk in the Columbo role.

  • Resumé and headshot are preferred, especially if you have not acted previously for MLT. 
  • Auditions will be a done as a group, with a cold-read of scenes.

Rehearsal Schedule

All auditions and rehearsals will take place at MLT's Backstage Theatre, located on the grounds of the Markham Museum (northwest corner of 16th Avenue and Hwy 48, Markham)


Turn into the museum grounds on Hwy 48 at the the first lights north of 16th Avenue (across from the McDonald's).  Keep the museum to your left as you drive to a small parking lot by a large sliding gate.  Enter via the PEDESTRIAN gate to the left of the large gate, and we are the first building on your right.

Performances will take place at Flato Markham Theatre

  • Read-through will be Sunday, February 19th at 1:00 p.m.
  • Rehearsals begin on Tuesday, February 21st and will take place every Tuesday & Thursday evening and every Sunday afternoon

Performance Dates

  • April 26 – 29, 2023 (At Flato Markham Theatre)
  • move in April 23rd
  • rehearsals April 24th & 25th


  • All members of Markham Little Theatre are volunteers. MLT is a non-profit community theatre group, and does not pay its actors or crew.
  • You must be a member of MLT to take part in a production. Membership fees are $25.

David Woods is a mild-mannered accountant who sees a sensational way of making a fortune by writing a kiss-and-tell biography about his venomous wife Sarah, the nation’s favourite actress from the hit TV soap Doctors and Nurses. He then realises that his book will do even better if she is murdered first! Unfortunately a few obstacles get in his way… Twist is a hilarious spoof of the much-loved theatrical thriller where nobody is what they seem and nothing is what it should be! With all the ingredients you’d expect of a first class thriller, the cunning twists and turns will take you on a corkscrew ride of suspense and excitement. And just when you think you know what’s going to happen next think again, as Twist catches you out one more time before the breath-taking dénouement.

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